Gluten Free Mostly Vegan Meal Plan – 2/24/2013

Every week, my husband Jeremy or I, or both of us sit down and  meal plan for the week.  I get recipes from my many, many cookbooks, or from the internet (lately recipes I’ve found on Pinterest).  We have been eating lots of vegetarian meals, mostly dairy free, and always egg and gluten free.  My son , has thankfully outgrown his dairy allergy, but is still only eating it about once a week because it seems to be bothering him a little bit still.  He is still allergic to egg, and I have celiac disease.   We try to eat whole grains when we eat grains, lots of quinoa and brown rice.  For breakfast, which I haven’t posted on here, we do a mix of corn chex with fruit and soy milk, smoothies, hot cereal like quinoa flakes or cream of buckwheat, or just some fruit.  I don’t usually plan it ahead of time but just make sure we have what we need to make our usual breakfasts.  We don’t always follow our plan 100%.  When we don’t we either pick up food at the handful of places we can eat, or I heat up something that I’ve frozen.  The meal that we don’t make usually gets bumped to the next week since we already have groceries for it.

I hope this meal plan helps give people some healthy meal ideas!  Here is what we are eating this week:

Lunch: Morning Glory Cafe – (this is a great place for us to eat, the kids eat bacon, fruit, and potatoes, and most everything on their menu can be done gluten free)
Dinner: Veggie Fajitas
(Found on Pinterest, I haven’t tried this one before)

Lunch: Leftovers Fajitas
Dinner: Crispy baked peanut butter tofu, brown rice & sesame collards (the tofu is a recipe from my sister)

Lunch: Leftover baked tofu
Dinner: Kale, leek and potato soup and Bob’s Red Mill bread (an old recipe I found in an issue of Cooking Light – this is a kid favorite!  I make the bread in my Zojirushi bread maker)

Lunch: Leftover soup
Dinner: Ceasar Salad with chicken and garlic bread (we make homemade Caesar vinaigrette without the egg)

Lunch: Salad
Dinner: Hummus & veggies sandwiches – roasted red pepper, tomato, lettuce, etc.  (I bought the hummus at the grocery store)

Lunch: Veggie sandwiches
Dinner: Thai Soup (I have not tried this before, this recipe is from pinterest, I am going to add thin brown rice noodles to it to make it more filling)

Lunch: Leftover thai soup
Dinner: Grilled Salmon w/ Avocado Salsa (this is another Pinterest recipe I haven’t tried before)


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