My Springtime Health Habit Reset

We’ve had a good winter.  Usually with little kids, I feel like we spend most of our winter just waiting for the spring to arrive, and for the colds to go away.  We fared better this winter, and I don’t know if we just got lucky or what, but I’ll take it.  

But, now that winter is over, I feel like I need a change, a boost, and a habit reset.  I thought some of you may feel the same way, so if you are up for it, JOIN ME!  Share my page, invite your friends, and let’s get started.  

First let’s talk about what a health habit reset means and what aspects of our lives we are talking about.  To me health can be broken down into a handful of components that are all interrelated.  


Obviously as a future dietitian, the number one thing on my mind is diet.  I will go into this more in detail in future posts, but for me a healthy diet is gluten free (this might not be the case for you), low in animal products other than seafood, and full of fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, and seeds.  I will explain more in future posts, but based on all of my studies thus far, this is how I eat most of the time.  Just like anybody, I sometimes eat less than healthy fare, and need to regroup.  I don’t beat myself up over this, we are all human and there is junk food around us EVERYWHERE.  


You can’t talk about health or diet really, without addressing exercise.  It is completely and utterly intertwined to health, if you want to lose weight, have more energy, and feel your best you have to be exercising.  This doesn’t mean you have to punish yourself.  Exercise should be fun, something you enjoy, and not something you dread.  If you are always dreading exercise you are doing it wrong!  I’m not going to lie, exercise has been something I’ve struggled with for most of my adult life.  But I’ve recently rediscovered my love for it, and I hope I help you do the same.  


This may be the most critical health factor, even if its the hardest health factor for us to control.  But it again is integrally linked to both diet and exercise and if we are going to be in good health, we have to be getting enough sleep.  It is nearly impossible to make good dietary decisions and stick with an exercise plan if you are not sleeping enough, as I am sure many of you know.  

Stress Management

Stress management is the last critical piece necessary to maintaining good health.  Did you know that the stress hormone actually increases insulin resistance in people and can be a key factor into the development of type 2 diabetes?  If you are not managing stress, you are much more likely to gain weight and develop heart disease.  Stress is tied to all of the rest, and diet and exercise, can actually help your stress levels.

Other Factors

Sunshine, hydration, oral health, exposure to harmful chemicals, drug intake, controlling inflammation.  These are all other factors I think are important to talk about when we are talking about health.  Once we’ve covered diet, exercise, and stress management, we will look into these other factors as well.  

 I have been on the journey to better health for several years and I hope to help you start or continue yours.  What I have learned is that health is all about the habits we have.  We can have unhealthy habits like drinking soda, sitting all day, and eating too much junk food.  But we can just as easily replace these unhealthy habits with healthier ones.  For me, it helps to know the why certain habits are healthy, and why others are not.  The process of creating healthy habits is a continuous one… it is ongoing for a lifetime.  It is not an easy journey, and there will always be setbacks and resets, but once you start the process, understand what is good and healthy for your body, each setback will be smaller, and your overall health will improve.  

I hope to help you nourish your body with what is good for it, and forget the feeling of deprivation.  I want you to re-frame your ideas on diets being for your weight, and help you see that food is about giving your body the nutrition it needs and deserves.  I would like to see you set up exercise as an integral part of your day and take the punishment out of it.  I want to have an open conversation and answer questions you might have, and we can discuss which parts are hard, and which parts are easy for you. Most of all I hope to help you create habits to feel your best!

I’m going to be doing some giveaways with these healthy habit resets, so be on the lookout!  My first habit reset is on keeping the junk food out of your house, and giving yourself plenty of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food on hand to eat.  Look for the post tomorrow.  


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