Applegate Farms Gluten-Free Chicken Nugget Recall

My local King Soopers just contacted me to let me know that a specific lot of Gluten-Free Applegate Farms Chicken Nuggets was recently recalled.  Applegate Farm’s regular (gluten containing) chicken nuggets were accidentally packaged and labeled as gluten-free chicken nuggets.  They have provided recall information on their website:

Recall Information

We purchased and ate a box of these sometime in the past two weeks, but I no longer have the box to see if it was one affected.  I called Applegate Farms about this recall, and was told that the nuggets affected were in only one lot (210864).  The person I talked to did not think they were distributed in this area.  They are currently working to correct this problem and put safeguards in place to make sure it does not happen again.  According to their website:

  • “We have improved our label verification process. A sample of each of our gluten-free retail boxes is now verified against a printed image of each box and all employees who process or pack the product have been fully educated on this improved process.”
  • “If more than one product is packed on the same line on the same day, we will document and verify that all packaging from the prior run is removed from the area before starting a new product run.”

When I originally noticed Applegate Farms makes gluten-free and gluten containing chicken nuggets, it concerned me that something like this might happen.  In fact, my husband accidentally bought a package of the regular (not gluten-free) chicken nuggets, not realizing that they made both.  Luckily, I realized they were the “regular” chicken nuggets before we ate them.  I am happy Applegate Farms is putting in these safeguards to make sure this does not happen again, but I am surprised these measures were not in place already.  It makes me wonder about not only how safe their food is, but also how susceptible other brands are to similar problems, especially when making a gluten-free and regular variety of one food.

Personally, it will probably be a while before we try these again, we can find healthier food options anyway.


  1. LS – That is so terrifying. Have you called Applegate Farms? I think they need to hear what a big deal this is to people in the celiac / allergy community. Also, if you, or anyone else think they made your child sick, I would tell them this as well. On their website it says something like, no one was made sick by their error. I believe no one called and told them they were sick, but I do not believe that no one bought gluten free chicken nuggets that actually had wheat in them and didn’t get sick. My son has been sick with a stomach bug, but he is a kid, and probably most people eating these were kids, and it is so hard as a parent to tell if the food your child is eating made them sick, or if they had a stomach bug. Good luck with everything! I feel for you, hope you have a better string of luck with food issues.

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