Gluten Free Meal Plan 3/23/2013

Sorry for my lack of a meal plan last week!  My parents were in town and I had the luxury of going to the grocery store pretty much every day so I just planned as I went.  Jeremy planned for me again this week.  My 2-year-old and I both came down with something this morning and I spent the day in bed studying the parts of the respiratory system for my Anatomy and Physiology class.  We also planned to freeze some meals this week.  Somehow I ate gluten at a restaurant a few weeks ago (even though none was visible) and my stomach is still not back to normal, so we’ve been trying to not eat out and need some easy meals we can take out of the freezer.  We have a Cook and Freeze cookbook that we have used a few times and are making several recipes from it this week.  My one complaint about this book is that there aren’t enough vegetarian recipes, but it’s still pretty good.  We’re doubling these recipes this week so we can eat half for dinner, and freeze half.  

Dinner: smoked fish cakes served with Annie’s lemon chive salad dressing (Cook and Freeze pg 87) & asparagus.  Freeze half of fish cakes  ALLERGEN INFO: Contains fish

Lunch: Leftover fish cakes + salad
Dinner: Mississippi pepper pot (Cook and Freeze pg. 54) – this is like gumbo  but vegetarian.  ALLERGEN INFO: Allergen free

Saturday or Sunday prep the baked red peppers for Monday night.

Monday – (Gymnastics Late)
Lunch: Leftover mississippi pepper pot
Dinner: Baked red peppers with quinoa and feta (Cook and Freeze pg. 113)  – We’ve made these before and they are delicious.  ALLERGEN INFO: Contains dairy (you can easily leave the feta and I have made them this way before)

Lunch: Leftover baked red peppers w/ quinoa
Dinner: Seafood soup with mussels (Everyday Mexican by Rick Bayless) ALLERGEN INFO: Contains fish and shellfish

Lunch: Leftover soup
Dinner: Indian Curry over steamed veggies &  brown rice. I was going to use Seeds of Change Madras curry but they cannot guarantee it is gluten free, I’ll have to figure something else out, or maybe I’ll make a stir fry instead.  

Lunch:  Salad if not enough leftovers
Dinner: Leek, Kale & Potato Soup [double and freeze] – this is our recipe, that someday I’ll post on here! ALLERGEN INFO:  allergen free.

Lunch: Leftover soup
Dinner: Salad w/ roasted veggies – I throw whatever vegetables we have in the oven and roast them, chop some of them up and serve raw, and serve it all over lettuce.  A really easy meal to pull together and use up vegetables in the fridge.  ALLERGEN INFO:  can be made allergen free with a non-allergen dressing and no cheese.

Please note:  Always check allergen information yourself.  These things change frequently in store bought goods, and it is possible I have missed something.

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