Gluten Free Meal Plan 4/13/2013

I’ve been getting over a nasty virus that turned into an infection and have been sleeping a LOT this weekend.  Sometimes, as a parent, getting enough rest is difficult,  so I’ve tried to keep things easy this week, rely on Jeremy to help me make some food tomorrow, and also try to keep things healthy to help my body recover.  

Dinner: Salsa fish and potatoes, side of collards 

I like to buy Frontera salsa.  I dump it over the cod, and cook it in the oven.   I adapted this from a Rick Bayless recipe, where he pretty much makes salsa and then covers cod in the salsa and bakes it.  It’s easier to just buy the salsa, although probably not quite as healthy as working with fresh ingredients.  We’re having roasted potatoes as a side, I throw them in before the fish and then add the fish after they’ve cooked a bit.  

Lunch: Leftover fish and potatoes / salad
Dinner: Stuffed peppers with quinoa, feta, and lemon

This is yummy recipe from our Cook and Freeze cookbook, not sure if we’ll end up freezing any last time we ended up eating them all.  Jeremy is going to make this and the soup for Tuesday for me tomorrow if he has time.

Monday – (Gymnastics – Home Late)
Lunch: Leftover stuffed peppers
Dinner: Smoked Salmon Salad with avocados

We buy smoked salmon at the grocery store and use it to top a salad.  My kids love smoked salmon, and I usually cut up veggies for them, and cook eggplant for Jacob (his favorite veggie).

Lunch: Salad / fruit and veggies for kids
Dinner: Leek Kale and Potato Soup 

Lunch: Leftover Soup
Dinner: Hummus wraps with arugula and tomatoes

I buy La Tortilla Factory gluten-free wraps when we are going to make burritos or wraps.  I’ve been buying edamame hummus at the grocery store, and I usually fill this with arugula, tomatoes, and whatever other vegetables we have available.  

Lunch: Hummus wraps / salad / fruit and veggies with hummus for kids
Dinner: Oven roasted salmon, asparagus, and new potatoes (Pinterest – made before is super easy and tasty)

Lunch: Salad if no leftovers
Dinner: Heat up frozen chili / tinga with greens

We have leftover espresso black bean chili in our freezer (a Mark Bittman recipe) and we are going to have this for dinner, or have  tinga (a mexican squash dish) also in the freezer.  

Hopefully next week I’ll be feeling better, but its nice to have a bunch of easy meals for weeks like this!


  1. I’m stealing some of your meal ideas! I’ve never seen that brand of hummus before – is it local to CO? The flavors sounds amazing!

    • Oh yay! Glad the meal plan is helpful. I haven’t tried all of the flavors of the hummus but they all look pretty tasty. I don’t think it’s a local brand, we only started getting it in our grocery store recently, but I like that there are some other options besides just garbanzos which can be hard on your stomach if you eat a bunch!

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