Gluten-Free Meal Plan 5/19/2013

I’ve finally gotten around to posting another weekly meal plan.  This week, Jeremy is out of town Monday-Wednesday, so I tried to plan some easier meals for these days, since I will have my hands full.  We also haven’t been eating much meat left, but have some grass-fed beef in the freezer so I planned tonight’s meal with it.  I also tried to use a lot of greens this week because our fridge and garden are stocked with spinach, kale, and lettuce!

Lunch: Wraps with hummus, lettuce, red peppers – we are going to a picnic
Dinner: Beef kabobs with onions and peppers, sauteed kale and spinach, quinoa pilaf

Lunch: Leftovers / Salad
Dinner: Salad / Veggie sides with smoked salmon, Eggplant, Kale chips for the kids, tomatoes, carrots and hummus  (I try to add veggies the kids like to eat) – Jeremy out of town.

Lunch: Salad
Dinner: Frozen Meal – Jeremy out of town

I recently stocked up on freezer food at Whole Foods.  Until Jacob outgrew his food allergies we couldn’t really eat any of the gluten-free prepared meals because of the cheese.  There are still many that are off limits to us because of his egg allergy, but I was surprised at how many we can eat now.  These aren’t always the healthiest and tend to have WAY more sodium than I normally like to eat.  But we do eat these when we need a quick option!  My favorite meal so far I found we can eat are some of the Udi’s gluten free pizzas.  Even though Udi’s plain without the toppings, prepared crust contains egg, the already topped cheese pizza does not!

Lunch: Frozen food / Salad
Dinner: Kale and white bean soup from Lindsay’s last blog post

Lunch: Salad – Leftover soup
Dinner: Breakfast Burritos and Freeze some – scrambled tofu, red pepper, spinach, potatoes, salsa.  I use La Tortilla Factory gluten-free Ivory Teff wraps

Lunch:  Leftover burritos
Dinner: Tacos – with sauteed greens, onions and mushrooms, beans, Frontera salsa

Lunch: Leftover tacos
Dinner: Black bean and quinoa burgers -freeze some ( recipe on Pinterest) – Sweet Potato fries (Lindsay)

Hope everyone has a good week, and enjoys the nice springtime weather!  

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