Gluten-Free Restaurant, Grand Lake, CO – Stillwater Grill

My family and I were lucky enough this summer to spend time in one of Colorado’s hidden gems, Grand Lake.  Grand Lake is located on the western side of Rocky Mountain National Park and is a laid back tourist town that comes alive in the summer.  For gluten-free diners, one of the downsides of Grand Lake is the lack of gluten-free restaurants.  We visited at the right time, however, because Stillwater Grill, which specializes in gluten-free local non-gmo food, opened just before we arrived.  

French chef, Jean-Claude Cavalera, who has cooked for the Ritz Carlton and was friends with Julia Childe, is the Executive Chef and Owner of Stillwater Grill and previously co-owned Caroline’s Cuisine in the same location.  I cannot say enough great things about this restaurant!  Chef Cavalera and the restaurant staff were very welcoming and friendly, and happy to answer any questions we had about our gluten-free concerns.  

Children’s menus are often lacking anything gluten-free, but here they could get gluten-free chicken tenders with cooked vegetables on the side.  Both of them loved the kid’s meal and begged to go back.   My husband had various entrees while dining at Stillwater Grill, all tasty and gluten-free!  Below is a picture of the Cobia (a gulf fish) with mixed vegetables and quinoa.  The whole dish was delicious, but Stillwater Grill’s vegetables and quinoa were superb and my favorite part of the dish.


Stillwater Grill is located off U.S. 34 in the Soda Springs Ranch development near Lake Granby.  If you are in the area, I highly recommend you check it out!

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