Healthy and Quick for the New Year

As the new year rolls around and healthy eating becomes a priority for many, I thought I’d post some quick and easy ideas, starting today.  I am all about short cuts to make eating healthy easier!  I am a busy mom of two kids and just don’t have time to spend hours on meal prep, like everyone else.  So, here is my first idea.  My lunch from today is a rice bowl with cut up veggies and seaweed strips.  

Every week a veggie tray is on my list because it makes eating vegetables quick and easier.  I rewash them even though they are prewashed because prewashed veggies can be a source of food borne illnesses!  I also often use these brown rice bowls that are filled with precooked rice and all you have to do is take a minute to reheat them.  This lunch was a 5 minute meal.  image

After I chopped my veggies and heated up the rice bowl, I sliced some seaweed into strips.  I used half of the brown rice bowl and saved the other half for my 4 year old.  I threw everything together on a plate, and topped with some leftover cilantro and lime juice I had from last night.  I forgot to add sesame seeds, but I often do for an extra bit of protein and calcium.  I seasoned with tamari and sesame oil and had a cup of green tea with it.  I was still hungry after I ate this, so I cut up an apple and dipped it in natural peanut butter for dessert.  


Below is my daughters lunch, served with a soy milk.  The brown rice is wrapped in the seaweed sheets (a great idea from a friend of mine that my kids love), and of course more veggies from the veggie tray.  


I hope this quick meal helps inspire you!  Do you have any quick and healthy meal ideas to share? 

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