Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Jacob is starting Kindergarten this week, and because he has food allergies we have to figure out lunches and also snacks to bring him.  I realized this morning I should probably do some brainstorming on what we can bring him!  We are going to go together this afternoon and make sure he has something he likes for the first day.  Here are the rest of my easy lunch ideas for school or home for kids.  I will try to pull together a combo of these items for him!  These are all things he likes, he is pretty picky right now so I’m sure there are many other options that other kids would eat.  🙂  My rule for lunches that we have at home and now at school is that it must include a fruit and a vegetable and it must be filling.  I usually let Jacob pick based on those criteria.  Also, his school is peanut free so we’ll be using sunbutter a lot to replace it, and maybe almond butter as well.  

Main entrees:

Hummus and Crackers – I use Mary’s Gone Crackers

Guacamole, Black Bean Dip and Baked Chips

Refried bean tacos – I like the Bearitos brand, they are lower in sodium than the others, and I use mission corn tortillas

Roasted chickpeas (I usually roast them in low sodium soy sauce)

Sunbutter and jelly wrap – I use La Tortilla Factory Gluten Free wraps

Sunbutter and crackers

Hummus wrap

Sunbutter ants on a log – celery with sunbutter and raisins

Bananas with sunbutter

Apples with sunbutter

Sunbutter and jelly sandwich

Hummus sandwich

Finger food vegetables:


cherry tomatoes



kale chips

roasted eggplant slices — Jacob loves eggplant, but I’m not sure if he’ll eat it cold, I may have to experiment.  🙂

roasted Brussels sprouts

sweet pepper slices

Finger food fruits:

Oranges / Clementines


Banana slices

Apple slices


Kiwi fruit


Other sides or snack ideas:

Mary’s gone crackers

Slice of bread (I’ve been making Bob’s red mill GF bread at home in my breadmaker)

Black beans


Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds

Raisins or other dried fruit

Dessert – This will probably be a sometimes thing to surprise him with from time to time.  These are the things he likes, which I don’t feel too bad giving him:

Dark chocolate square

Sunbutter and chocolate chips







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