I’m Stephanie Dillingham.  Welcome to Three Square Nutrition! In 2009, my son was diagnosed with dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, and shellfish allergies. Then, a month later I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Eliminating all of these foods at once while trying to feed a picky toddler seemed nearly impossible, and finding information on how to go about it was difficult.  I began to research how to feed our family a balanced diet with so many limitations.

Eventually, I began coursework to become a registered dietitian, to help families like ours, and others simply wanting to eat healthier.  In 2013, I started Three Square Nutrition to start putting my knowledge to work, helping other people struggling with similar issues.  I am based out of Lafayette, CO.  I hope you enjoy my website and blog.  Email me at Stephanie at for more information.